About OnMission3

OnMission3 was started in Winter, 2017.  It was created out of a culture that founder, Paul Gates, had been a part of since being born overseas to missionary parents in Papua New Guinea.  That culture from a very early age was that the greatest joy in life comes when serving others.  Inspired by an amazing childhood of seeing parents who found great joy in self-sacrificial service of others, and further formulated by seeing life change happen through leading large ministries to children, youth and adults that focused on serving others.  From leading broad scale events that gained national notoriety, all the way down to personal one on one mentoring and coaching – Paul has encouraged people on a high level of the power and life change that happens when people serve others.  Paul’s passion has been simple - to spread the motto that “happy people help others”.

OnMission3 also flowed out of a powerful verse in the Bible that summarizes why Jesus came into this world.  Matthew 20:28 says “Jesus came not to be served, but to serve.”  Jesus whole mission was to serve others.  So for us to live as Jesus is to be On Mission.

As an organization we want to move people toward being On Mission as Jesus in 3 specific ways – by inspiring people to serve others, then educate people on how to serve others, and to then activate people into a radical life-changing mission of serving of others.  It is a simple, but powerful.  To move people through a three-fold track to seeing life change and being on mission.

So share the motto, join the mission, and watch your life be changed by this simple yet great adventure!