“I actually don’t believe OnMission3’s family plan is a good plan… it is a great plan!”

- Jim Burns (President, HomeWord and Radio Personality)

"I'm sure there are many families like ours that have a desire to serve the community in a way that includes their children, but have not known how to go about it. OnMission3 has bridged that gap, serving as an intermediary in matching those seeking to serve in a hands-on, practical way with those that need help. Thank you OM3 for what you're doing. This was our first go around, but God-willing, not our last."

- Jason (Husband, Dad, Stud)

“Thank you for being consistent and coming back, familiar faces make us feel so normal and kids coming make us feel so welcomed into society.”

- Shelter Resident

"I love how OM3 presents serving as an adventure. It levels the playing field immediately. There is no rich or poor, just people living life the best they can. It shows us as a family that living outside our comfort zone, in whatever form, is an adventure worth taking!”

- Lyndsey (Legendary Mom)

“I had so much fun! Let’s do it again!”

– Emily (age 7)

"For me as a father, it was so good to see my three boys placed in a situation outside of their comfort zone, and to watch them serve along side of each other. Having the opportunity to serve, as Jesus did, as a family, and close to home was really special."

- Cheyne (Husband, Dad, Firefighter)

“Serving others is like a Joy Chain - you get joy by bringing other people joy!”

- Lyla (10)

"I think what impacted us was seeing our kids have such a servants heart.  After the two hours, they didn’t want to stop.  I just wish they had that kind of passion when I asked them to clean their rooms!"

-  Bryant (Husband, Dad, Football Champion)

“Serving others exercises all of your emotions. First you are a little nervous, then you are brave and help, then you have compassion, and then it brings you joy!”

- Gwen (12)