Step 1

Having a life On Mission...

The best starting point is asking yourself the 3 questions that will lead to a life On Mission:

  1. Who is your neighbor? Simply define who your neighbor is, and could be your physical neighbor, or the people you are around the most.

  2. What's in your hand?  What are the gifts, interests, abilities, talents God has given you that can be used to be On Mission.

  3. What is your greatest place of pain?  Typically your greatest place of pain can be the place God uses you to minister the most.

Step 2

Put some Tangible Ideas into Action:

In Your Neighborhood ideas to Inspire you to recreate one of these or come up with your own:

  • Smile.

  • Wash a neighbor’s car.

  • Mow a neighbor’s lawn.

  • Decorate a neighbor’s house for a holiday coming up.

  • Bake cookies for a neighbor.

  • Go around and ask your neighbors if they would like prayer.

  • Change a neighbor’s oil.

  • Pull neighbors weeds.

  • Clean a neighbor’s house.

  • Invite a neighbor over for dinner.

  • Take a neighbor dinner.

  • Babysit for a neighbor so the parents can go out on a date.

  • Make repairs for a neighbor’s home or yard.

  • Clean your neighborhood sidewalks and common areas.

  • Pick up trash in your neighborhood park.

  • Clean up the neighborhood playground.

  • Find a way to serve people that work in your community; security guards, gate guards, maintenance workers.

  • Welcome new neighbors to the area with a visit and a packet on local information.

  • Take a parenting packet to a family who has a newborn baby.

  • Invite the neighborhood to a sporting activity that you run and host.

  • Help a neighbor move in.

  • Write notes of encouragement to your neighbors.

  • Provide a shuttle service for people in your neighborhood that are ill or in need.

  • Bring gift baskets to the firefighters and police services in your neighborhood.

  • Give a flower to every mom and woman in your neighborhood.

  • Share a good book you have read.

  • Take your neighbor coffee.

  • Buy food for person behind you in line.

  • Put and keep your cell phone away and out of sight during a conversation.

  • Ask your neighbor to tell you a bit of their Story.

  • Do a homework club to help kids study and learn in your neighborhood.

  • Read stories in the front yard to kids.

  • Go Christmas caroling.

  • Show a driveway movie in the summer on your garage for neighborhood.

  • Wave to your neighbors.